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Ing. Thomas Toifl

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Winegrowers generally divide the making of sparkling wine into two broad groups:

  • Traditional fermentation in the bottle (champenoise process)

  • Fermentation in a stainless steel tank (charmat process)

Fermentation in the bottle

In this method, secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. Wine producers from the French Epernay region, located right in the heart of Champagne wine-growing region, are specialized in manufacturing machines for bottle fermermentation. Many Oenoconcept riddling machines have been successfully installed at Austrian sparkling wine wineries.

Disgorging, dosing, wiring and corking/rolling-on are also among the supply activities.

Fermentation in a tank

Pressure tanks for sparkling wine come in horizontal or vertical designs, with the option to be delivered with cooling. Our company has been selling these installations to Austrian sparkling wine producers for many years. The manufacturer Defranceschi puts particular emphasis on the tank inner surface and thus on convenient cleaning.

Sparkling Wine

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