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Owing to our long-standing experience in many fields of the food industry and to recent market trends, we were prompted to develop a private label program, in addition to our regular offer.
This program now meets the entire needs of beverage processing producers of wine, beer, and fruit juice. Additionally, we offer filter aids (private label diatomaceous earth, perlite and cellulose mixtures). Starting in 2011, we have introduced a private label filter cartridges program to tailor solutions to your needs.
Please note that our private label program for wine processing is available in CEE-countries only.

Vulcobent Protex P

Vulcobent Aktiv G

Filter cartridges

Vulcascot has a comprehensive range of filter cartridges and filter cartridge housings. We offer the appropriate, high quality filter cartridges, which could be used in a variety of applications f.e. in the brewing and beverage industry and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The VulcostarClear process filter cartridges are available in a wide range of filtration media, pore sizes and shapes to achieve the best filtration results for each application. Our stainless steel housings and filter cartridges are manufactured to the latest standards and are characterized by the best price-performance ratio.
In order to fulfill your requirements, we ask you to contact one of our experts.


In order to reduce protein contents in must to a minimum at an early stage, several bentonites are available from our range, e.g. pure calcium bentonite, granulated or in powder form – low in iron - or sodium bentonite with the highest efficiency and also mixed bentonites from Central European sources.


  • Vulcobent Protex P (mixed bentonite, powder)

  • Vulcobent Aktiv G (mixed bentonite, granulate)

  • Vulcobent Top Na (high purity sodium bentonite, powder)

  • Vulcobent Top G (high purity sodium bentonite, granulate)

  • Vulcobent J UF (sodium-calcium bentonite for ultrafiltration)

  • Vulcobent K UF (potassium bentonite for ultrafiltration)

Private Label Lines

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