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Fibracel consists of diatomaceous earth and alpha-cellulose. It is used for the build-up of the pre-coat layer in diatomaceous earth filtration.


Fibraperl consists of perlites and selective cellulose fibres. It is a newly developed filter aid, applied for the build-up of the filter cake in vacuum rotary filtration. The use of selected materials and a unique production technology at our new mixer unit guarantee a stable and uniform composition of all products.


Vulcopure and Vulcopure Premium are specific blends of kieselgur, perlite and cellulose. They were designed for the precoating of alluvional filters.
Due to the unique properties and the special way of production both products help to save time, costs and the application different products, which are normally used for the precoating in the beer industry.
Due to the use of a highly purified and especially developed cellulose, the precoat gets elastic and very stable against pressure drops.



  • Vulcopure and Vulcopure Premium allow a mechanically very stable precoat within only one step

  • The precoat is homogeneous and uniform

  • Due to the very stable and elastic precoat eventual pressure drops or adjustments of the filter performance do not influence turbidity values

  • Up to 50% savings of time compared to conventional first/ second precoating

  • Up to 20% less consumption of Kieselgur

  • Only one product for precoating!

Filter media

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