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Filter units


Sheet filters

Together with high-performance filter sheets, a careful arrangement of frames and layers minimizes drip-loss. They are specially designed for the heavy-duty operation (24 hours / 7 days) and high throughput quantities expected by the brewing industry. Depending on requirements, various filter formats, element thicknesses and rack lengths are available.

Candle filters

Depending on application, stainless steel housings in various sizes are available for candle filtration, whereby the filter surface is extendable, according to the desired length. Specially developed for high performance operation (24 hours / 7 days) in long-life filter elements and filter units, this closed housing system offers exact and dip-free filtration. The advantages are its compact, vertical design and its easy candle replacement system. The base plate is equipped with a standard filter cartridge with a bayonet and a double o-ring lock. Versions for pre-filtration, final and sterile filtration are available upon request. Short set-up times and sterilization times, as well as a dual-chamber system for optimal cleaning are further advantages of this system.

Precoat candle filters

The precoat candle filter with diatomaceous earth or with other filter agents is used to filter out yeast cells, bacteria, and other undesirable particles. Depending on the operational conditions various designs can be delivered. They all share a common feature: high pressure stability and high throughput velocity, easy cleaning, low product loss, ensuring an even distribution of the filter agents and avoiding breakdowns. This enables an even grain distribution of the filter cake.

Cross-flow filter units with ceramic diaphragms

Used for beer recovery from surplus yeasts, these units consist of two parts, the filter unit and the cleaning block (CIP), which are mounted together or separately on the trolley. Different automation levels are offered: from manually operated installations to fully automated units. The high packing density of the filter "dual-flow"-modules allows for minimum space requirements, a low overall height, and user-friendly maintenance. The compact design keeps the inner volume small in relation to the installed filter surface. This results in a substantial reduction of water and energy consumption, and reduces product losses.

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