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Bag-in-Box bottling

The bag-in box system for carbonated beverages has seen significant growth in its importance in recent years: the bag collapses, the product can then be discharged again and again - no air can enter to fill the gap between wine or juice.

The product range of the French company Technibag covers compact, semi-automatic units, as well as fully automated, continuously operating units.

Rinsing - Filling - Capping

MBF S.p.A., an Italian company, has become one of the industry´s top manufacturers of filling machines for wine. Filling capacity begins at approx. 2500 bottles / h, the main focus being in the range of 5000-10.000 bottles / h. Thanks to many international patents, the vacuum filling machines as well as the counter pressure filling machines belong amongst the most innovative products of their kind.

Basically, Vulcascot is ready to offer complete filling lines, starting with a depalletizer for new bottles and ending with a palletizer.

We want only the best international manufacturers to co-operate with us.

Suppliers List:

BortolinKemo S.p.A. Depalletizers for new bottles, case erectors, bottle packers, palletizers

Cavagnino & Gatti S.p.A. Labeling machines, including glue / self adhesive or combined

Robino & Galandrino S.p.A. Capper, roll-on capper and cap sealer, wire cage machines for sparkling wine bottles

Cames S.r.l. External bottle washers and dryers, cork orientators for sparkling wine corks and cork conveyors

Bottom and Tank coating

For reconstruction of tanks for juice, wine, and sparkling wine storage, as well as for the renewal of bottom coating, synthetic resin coating can be applied to concrete or steel tanks. The coating meets the legal requirements of international food legislation. Existing tanks thus become equivalent to new tanks. After reconstruction, the tanks are easy to clean and they are CO2-pressure-tight. The seamless industrial floorings are made of synthetic resin and they prove highly resistant if used in any zone. They can be used for reconstruction of whole rooms.

Chamber Filter Press

The chamber filter press CFP or membrane filter press MFP serves to the filtration of solid-containing liquids, dewatering of trub or sludge or washing of the filter cake. Particularly good results are achieved by means of membrane plates which can, with compressed air from the inside, exert an additional pressure on the filter cake. The chamber filter press is generally used in the beverage and food industry and filters gently, for example, juice and wine.
The chamber filter press is available in the following versions:

  • optional equipment with membrane or chamber plates

  • optionally as Clean System for a hermetically sealed and aseptic filter

  • or with traditional pass-through cloths

Machinery and equipment

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Ing. Thomas Toifl

Tel. +43 (0) 1 369 44 77 20

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